Top 5 places to get the spring feeling in Zagreb

With winter ending and spring approaching, our mood gets brighter and more positive. So spring finally arrived, bringing colorful flowers, beautiful bird songs, warmer weather and longer days! We bring you top 5 places to get that positive springly feeling in the city of Zagreb.

Jarun Lake

I know there is no such thing that can compete with the view of the Adriatic sea, smell of salt and that peaceful sound of waves.. but the beautiful Jarun lake in Zagreb is a great substitute for it in the spring months. Enjoy a long walk around the lake, have an ice cream and feed the swans. Sounds like a pretty good spring day to me!



Sljeme mountain is a perfect place to breathe in that fresh spring air and to enjoy the awakening nature. Take a hike on one of the many hiking trails, and treat    yourself with a cold beer when you reach the peak.



Zagreb ZOO in park Maksimir

Spring means more warmth and more daylight, and that means that animals are waking up from the winter rest. Go to Zagreb ZOO, get yourself a cotton candy sugar and wish the animals a good morning.


Park Zrinjevac

Park Zrinjevac in Zagreb is always a good idea. A beautiful oasis in the old centrum of the city becomes a beautiful winter wonderland in the winter months, and in spring it becomes a magical spring garden. Get a coffee to go, sit on the grass and smell the spring.


Dolac Market

Spring is the prime time to enjoy  some of the freshest and most flavorful fruits and vegetables, from asparagus to strawberries. If you want to taste spring visit Zagreb’s colorful fruit and vegetable market Dolac. We are sure you will find many delicious spring flavors.



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