Top 5 things to do on a spring weekend in Dubrovnik

One of the best-known Croatian gems is definitely the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Even though I’ve had a lot of opportunities to visit Dubrovnik, every time a new opportunity arises – I take it! Dubrovnik is beautiful in every season of the year, and in every time of the day. But (there is always a but), spring is my second favourite time to visit Dubrovnik. In spring, the weather is perfect for doing stuff. It is not like during summer, when you feel like your head is boiling and a sunstroke is inches away while you “enjoy” a walk around the city. At those moments all you can think about is jumping into the sea, or drinking a cold beverage in the shadow. As well, a plus side of visiting Dubrovnik in the spring time is a smaller number of tourists which will make all your plans much easier to accomplish.

FullSizeRender 2
Dubrovnik from above

But not to worry, you do not have to rush to cancel your trip to Dubrovnik in August. We have many amazing insider/local tips on how to experience Dubrovnik in the summer time, and how to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. More about that in one of my next posts!

Ok, now I feel like I have to explain what my favourite time of the year is to visit Dubrovnik.. it is September. The weather in September is perfect for many activities, hot but not too hot – and the best perk of September is – you can still take a swim in the beautiful sea! The sea temperature in September is still warm enough for swimming and enjoying all those fun beach activities. But, as we will definitely travel to Dubrovnik many more times, I will share our tips for a September holiday as well.

This time round we took a Friday off, rushed to the Zagreb airport, and in an hour we were landing in good old Dubrovnik. You might think a weekend is not enough for experiencing everything Dubrovnik and ‘Dubrovacko primorje’ (coastal part near Dubrovnik) have to offer, and you are absolutely right. However, in only three days, you can experience Dubrovnik in a lot of ways… We had a fun weekend filled with long walks around the old town of Dubrovnik, drinking wine and craft beer in our favourite local spots, visiting Festiwine, Trsteno, Peljesac wineries.. Now when I think about it, we did a lot in three days! I am going to share with you our top 5 experiences from the old town, and from the Dubrovnik region.


1. Stroll around the beautiful old town of Dubrovnik

No matter how many times we go to Dubrovnik, we never get enough of it and every time we find something new and impressive. The old town of Dubrovnik has hundreds of streets, and every street has its own story. This interesting network of streets around the town is a perfect place to spend your afternoon. Stroll down Stradun, get lost in the small side streets, enjoy the view.


2. Walk the wall – Dubrovnik city Walls

FullSizeRender copy
View from the Walls of Dubrovnik

The Walls of Dubrovnik are definitely a must see. Walls surround the Old town and are a perfect place to see the whole town from up above. We walked the walk in August, and from the bottom of my heart I advise you not to undertake this painful venture in midday summer time. Best time for this amazing activity is in spring/autumn, or if you really do not have any other choice but in summer, do it at the sunset.

3. Trsteno Arboretum

Beautiful promenade

Only a 20 minute drive from Dubrovnik can take you to this truly magical garden. Trsteno Arboretum is definitely  one of my favourite spots for every season of the year. Arboretum is filled with gorgeous exotic plants and trees, and my favourite – magnificent Baroque fountain with statues of Neptune and the nymphs. A perfect place to sit next to the fountain, listen to the birds singing, water flowing, watch bright orange fishes swim in the fountain pool, and breathe in all those scents from the flower garden.

FullSizeRender 2
Magnificent fountain

Trsteno’s long and strong seafaring tradition was one of the main reasons why the Arboretum has so many different kinds of plants and trees. The Trsteno seaman who would undertake world voyages would bring back home many exotic plants and trees to plant in the gardens of this summer residence.

4. Peljesac wine tasting

Cloudy day at Pelješac

The Pelješac peninsula is a place of wine, fun and relaxation at the same time.  The car drive itself through the beautiful peninsula is a great experience as you get a chance to see all those vineyards covering most of the peninsula. And of course, stop at wineries that look like you could have fun there..sometimes it is good not to have a strict plan.

Even though the weather was not the best for..well anything.. we had an amazing time on our day trip to Pelješac peninsula.

NoviiSizeRender 10.jpg
Vineyard in Pelješac

This was not the first time we visited Pelješac, and it was definitely not the last time. This time round we made it all about wine (what else to do when it’s raining?). We were lucky enough to be a part of the regional wine festival Dubrovnik Festiwine. We were invited to participated at the wine exhibition held in Lazareti, Dubrovnik, where many big and small wine producers from the region presented their wines. As part of the festival, we were invited to do a wine tour on Pelješac, which was great fun. We had a chance to visit many wineries,talk to its owners, taste many many wines  – and most important – do a shortlist of wineries to include on our next blog trip!


5. Ombla

The river Ombla is the shortest river in Croatia, situated very close, northeast of Dubrovnik. Its short course is approximately 30 meters, what makes her the fourth shortest river in the whole wide world! Besides that, Ombla is a perfect hidden gem you should definitely visit.

FullSizeRender 4

Walk around the small old dam, listen to the murmur of the small waterfall, and enjoy the beautiful nature. Fun fact is that the river Ombla is being used as a source of drinking water for the city of Dubrovnik.


If you have any questions or if you want some advice about places from this post, feel free to email us on

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