A fun day at the Zagreb ZOO

Wondering where to spend a nice warm afternoon, without any stress, with an ice cream in your hand? I don’t know about you, but I just love spending lazy days at a ZOO.

Last Sunday, after a great party night, we decided to visit the Zagreb ZOO in the Park Maksimir. (Great way to fight a hangover..just saying)

It is an easy tram ride (line 11 and 12) from the main square, and it takes only 15 min to get there.

There are many great animals you can see there, like polar bears, amazing lions, lazy leopard, scary alligators, playful sea lions (one of my favourites!)…well in short – many representatives of the animal kingdom are residents of the Zagreb ZOO.

There is a small coffee bar with some fast food snacks, where you can take a break and enjoy your coffee while peacocks are wondering around your table.


Some useful info

An adult ticket is only 20 kn (3 euros), and a student ticket is 15 kn (2 euros). It is a pretty amazing bargain for a fun day at the ZOO! Working ours for the ZOO are from 9am – 8pm, and for the ticket office 9am – 6:30pm.

Have fun!

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