Ultra Split

This summer we decided to go and see for ourselves what is all the fuss about Ultra Europe, a 3 day music festival taking place in Split. We packed our bags with the party clothes, and made our way to the beautiful city of Split.



This was not our first time in Split, and every time we are happy to go back to visit it. However, this time round, in the “Ultra time”, from the second we entered Split we could feel that the positive festival vibe infiltrated the whole city. People walked around wrapped in different flags, everybody was in an excellent mood, friendly and festive. It is said that over 150.000 people from 143 countries visited Split this summer for the Ultra Europe Music Festival. Pretty amazing, right!?


Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions first day of Ultra Europe was canceled. I heard a lot of people making complaints about this matter, and of course we were not happy that Friday was canceled. People who haven’t spent a lot of time in the Croatian coastline do not know about the beastly north wind called “bura”. Bura is a sneaky trickster, blowing in strong bursts, and I can fully agree with the cancelation of the event. Anyway, it is the Mother Nature who is to blame. All in all, we did have fun on Friday as the city was full of Ultra people, and everybody was partying on the streets.

Saturday was a great day, as we finally entered the Poljud stadium and felt that explosion of positive energy. Sunday was a great fun as well, with an amazing line up.



It was a great weekend filled with a lot of dancing, laughing, and feeling good. Honestly, not a lot of drinking as the prices at the stadium were super extra expensive. But a couple drinks before entering and you are good to go!


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