Hungry Split


I am lucky enough to have a credible friend in Split who recommended a couple of restaurants to go to, and they were all amazing! Everything we tasted was amazing, and the ambience was just right. Here are the best restaurants we visited:


Vila Spiza

Kružićeva 3, Split, Croatia




My favorite one, so far. It is a small home-feeling restaurant in the Split Old town. The owner goes to the local fish market every morning, buys the things she likes and makes the daily menu according to that. There are not a lot of tables, but we did not have to wait long for the seat. When I put my eye on the menu I wanted to order all of it. Ok, I have that urge often.. but this menu was filled with really yummy seafood dishes. We ordered some grilled prawns for the started, and I ordered a grilled sea bass with vegetables and my friend ordered pasta with zucchini and prawns. Everything was delicious, and the prices were good.




Bajamontijeva 1, Split, Croatia

Delicious lunch

A cute restaurant situated in the old town, with a big nice terrace in the courtyard. The time I went there, I was in a group of 5 people, so we did not go to Villa Spiza as it would be a bit difficult to find seats there for five people.

Mazzgood had an interesting menu, filled with pasta, risotto, salads, seafood, burgers and clams. Yes, we tried it all and everything was really good. Prices were good for the overall value. I would recommend this place for a great lunch.

Burger with baked potatoes
Risotto with salad



Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

Domaldova 8, Split, Croatia

Bokeria Main course


Fish soup

Bokeria is a hip Spanish restaurant in the old town of Split. I had a delicious fish soup for the starter, and gnocchi filled with Croatian cheese in a tomato sauce. My friend had a delicious risotto. Prices were a bit higher than in other restaurants, but it is the price you pay for the hip places.

The interior is modern and very classy, and I would recommend this place for a nice dinner and drinks. But do make sure you make a reservation for the table.



Square where Bokeria is located

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