Beautiful Brač

One of our holiday stops this summer was the beautiful Bol on the island of Brač. After an hour-long ferry ride from Split, we arrived to Supetar where our host Daniel welcomed us.

If you decide to go to the island of Brač without a car, there is a bus line that takes you from the ferry harbor in Supetar to Bol. Buses run every hour or so, traveling time is 50 minutes and the ticket is 40 kunas (6 euros).


Here are the things we experienced on Brač.

Škrip museum

Museum of Brač

We were lucky enough to be picket up by a car, so before heading to Bol we decided to go to Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island of Brač where the Island of Brač museum is located. The museum is set in a small old building, and the lady curator presented the history, traditions and legends in the best possible way. It was a very interesting experience.


Vidova Gora

After the picturesque small town of Škrip, the road took us to the magical Vidova Gora.


Vidova Gora is the highest peak on the island of Brač, and also the highest peak on all Adriatic islands (780 meters). When you climb up you get to the spot that overlooks Bol, the famous Horn of Bol (Zlatni Rat) and the island of Hvar. The view is simply spectacular. You can hike up, bike or go with a car. If you hike, make sure you have lots of water with you, as the hike up is cca 2-3 hours (depending on a walking pace and your shape).


Bol is a beautiful small coastal town filled with the Mediterranean spirit, architecture and amazing beaches.



First thing we did after arriving to Bol is that we headed to Zaltni Rat, one of the most famous beaches in the Adriatic. It was full of people, but you easily find a free spot for your towels. If you prefer relaxing on a beach chair, you can rent them at the beach. There is a fun beach bar right in the middle of the beach, bunch of places to grab a sandwich, fries or a smoothie. However, the prices are beach pricy so do expect to pay 40 kunas (5-6 euro) for a portion of fries. It is a great place to take a swim as the water is crystal clear.

Zlatni Rat
Zlatni Rat

Sailing in Bol

In the afternoon we decided to go sailing with BolSailing. For me it was first time sailing, and I had so much fun.


It was a great adventure as we had some really great sailing weather – big waves and strong wind. Our skipper Jan told us that normally the sea is much calmer, and that groups usually relax onboard and drink champagne. Well, we had a biiit different experience as we were rushing trough the 2-3 meter waves, jumping around the boat.. So do excuse me if my sailing pictures are a bit blurry.

We had an amazing time with BolSailing and our skipper Jan. A great afternoon full of amusement, adrenaline and beautiful views.

Belado Residence Bol

We were staying in an amazing apartment with Belado Residence Bol, that was located just a short walk from the center of Bol.

View from the terrace

Besides the amazing view from the balcony, great breakfast, huge apartment, my favorite part was the kind and friendly owner Daniel who recommended us all the best stuff to do, places to see and things to experience.

Evening in Bol

Bol is perfect for an evening walk, seaside table dinner or a cocktail at the bar. It is a great combination of both relaxing and fun, it just depends on what you are looking for.

Evening in Bol

All in all, had an amazing time in Bol, and I can’t wait to go back!

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