Winter wonderland in the Samobor Hills

The Samobor Hills, or Samoborsko gorje, is a beautiful upland region which rises on the west of the town of Samobor. It is a part of Žumberak Nature Park which covers around 333 sq km. Last Sunday we decided to spend the day in the nature, and to hike to Japetić, the highest peak of the Samoborsko gorje – 879 meters height above the sea level.


There are several trails to climb up, some of them are easy, some are more demanding. One trail starts from a place called Šoićeva kuća, where you can park your car and  take a path to the top which takes about an hour and a half of light to medium hiking. Another trail starts closer to the top, and it takes about 30 minutes of light walking to the top. There is also an option to come all the way up by car, but where’s the fun in that!


Persuaded by one of the friends, we courageously decided to take one of the steepest trails up. The trail we took started a bit after Šoićeva kuća, and it was mainly steeply uphill through small mountain paths for half an hour. We walked trough an area of deep forest and beautiful meadows, surrounded only by snow, quietness and the sound of our steps in the snow. Ok.. and occasional gasps of fatigue 🙂


But I assure you that every step was worth it! When we arrived to the peak after an hour of walking, the view from the top made us forget about all the tiredness. On the peak there is an adorable mountaineers’ lodge where you can get warm by the fireplace, have something to eat and enjoy a warm tea with some delicious carob cake.

Descent from the highlands was steep and slippery, so I would recommend good hiking shoes if you decide to go on this path.

Winter wonderland

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