Best restaurants in Istria

Wondering where to eat while exploring wonderful Istria? Here are my favorites.

Barba Danilo, Rovinj

One of the real gems of Istria, family owned tavern Barba Danilo, is located 4 km from the old town of Rovinj. The restaurant is located inside a campsite, but do not let that confuse you. This restaurant offers high-class delicious Istran dishes. Here you can find excellent service and extremely fresh and delicious food. My advice is that you book a table at least one day in advance as they are usualy fully booked every day, especially during weekends.



Konoba Morgan, Brtonigla

If you are in for some delicious food, and a breathtaking view, this is a right place for you. As this restaurant is located on a small hill-top, you can enjoy beautiful surroundings while eating home-made pasta with truffles, delicious Fiorentina steak and drinking delicious Istrian wine.

Fiorentina steak


Zigante, Livade

Restaurant Zigante is located in the Istrian village of Livade. Besides a beautiful surrounding, restaurant offers many delicious dishes. The menu is dominated by truffle-based flavors in combination with other Istrian specialities. In addition to the restaurant, there are also organised truffle and wine tasting visits and a shop selling delicious truffle products.

Main dish


Stari podrum, Momjan

This family owned restaurant is a perfect place to get the taste of Istria. Located near Momjan, restaurant is surrounded by beautiful wineries. Here you can enjoy a multi-course meal, truffle-based starters, hearty asparagus soup, a delicious home-made pasta dish, a beefsteak grilled in the fireplace, along with fine wines and homemade grappa.

FullSizeRender 2



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