Summer of 2020 in Croatia

boat 2With the whole world being shaken up by the new Covid-19 situation, most of us put all the summer vacation planning at the side. The whole lockdown mode only made us think more of the beautiful outdoors, summer weather, beaches and crystal clear sea. With the outbreak slowly getting under control, officials finally said that people would be able to take summer holidays in their own country as well as in neighboring countries that had seen a similar drop in infections.

Simply put, people are desperate to get out of their homes. Right now, people around Europe and Croatia are itching to click that “reserve” button. We know we are. However, if you are planning your summer vacation you should be asking which are the best and safest places to visit in Europe? What should I include or consider for this summer? Well, we have a couple of good ideas.

While thinking of these ideas, we took into the consideration the safety of the locations, the ability for social distancing and keeping your healthy. However, we did not disregard the significance of the destination to be all you desire and much need right now – lots of breathtaking nature, new paths to explore, delicious food to taste, have fun and make some great memories.

Here are our summer 2020 dream vacation ideas:

Rent a house in Gorski Kotar

One of our favorite places in Gorski Kotar is Casa Nube. It gives you all you need for a peaceful and relaxing vacation in the beautiful forest nature. The house design is out of this world, and it can accommodate 8 people.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly place we recommend a beautiful Kod Korita house in Crni Lug. This house is situated a walking distance from the National Park Risnjak and it has four double rooms you can book separately.

Book a tailor made sailboat trip

Best way to isolate yourself from crowds, have fun and enjoy the fascinating Croatian coastline is definitely by a boat. Croatian coastline offers countless heavenly scenes, secret lagoons and other hidden gems waiting to be explored. If you wish to explore them with your friends, we recommend renting a beautiful cruise ship that fits maximum of 32 people. You just need to state your wishes and preferences regarding the kind of places you wanna visit, fun you wanna have and indulge yourself in this amazing experience. If you wish to have a 7-day party sailboat trip filled with beach parties, karaoke and lots of other fun stuff just say so. Or are you more for a 7-day active cycling sailboat trip packed with exploring Croatian islands, they will adjust to your needs.

As well if you are looking for a fun and unique bachelorette and bachelor party ideas, an exciting weekend sailboat tour for you and your friends is a way to go.

More on this read in our article.boat 10boat 7

Book a room in a family owned hotel in Istria

Istria is always our favorite place to explore it by car or a bike. Countless picturesque villages, some of the best restaurants in Croatia, great family owned wineries and many activities to undertake are the reasons we always go back to Istria. The hotel we would recommend for this summer is San Canzian Village & Hotel which is located in an Istrian village with only three inhabitants. The hotel offers 24 rooms separated by their own entrances and a superb restaurant based on local food.

San Canzian
San Canzian
San Canzian 1
San Canzian

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